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With the increase memory space available with all phones, increasing number of SMS can be stored. This causes the essential need to archive and an effective search within these messages. On an average, similar to say Outlook

Express, users shall need this feature and make SMS service more user friendly. This application archives the SMS received on a cell phone. It then permits the user to view archived messages. The advantage of this archive is that it allows easy search within the messages


• Symbian OS 7.0
• Series 60
• Base model - 6600
• A client application - all messages being stored on Client side
• I t stores SMS as soon as they are received
• Once archived, user can view these messages
• User can search through the messages with a keyword
• The keyword shall lookup the message body and the sender
• It shall permit deleting any message from this archive
• It shall permit deleting all messages from the archive

Technology Used:

• Symbian OS 7.0
• Symbian native DB
• Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

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