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RSS aggregators are programs using which individual users can get headlines and summaries along with links to the places where the stories originate. For publishers, RSS is a way to present structured information. For users, RSS is a tool for getting content where, when and how they want it. This application will enable information to come to the hand phone of the individuals instead of the user going to the internet and searching for the relevant information.


• Symbian OS 7.0
• Series 80
• Client side XML Parsing of RSS Feeds
• Server Side engine used for discovering RSS Feeds
• Auto-Subscribe to RSS Feeds
• The user can subscribe to the relevant RSS feeds that are available free of cost to get access
to relevant information.
• The user can add and delete feeds at the push of a button
• The user can use this opt ion to refresh the selected feeds at any point of time.
• This opt ion allows for the periodic refreshing of the feeds at a predetermined time interval
• Search with Groups/categories
• Search the internet to find RSS feeds of your choice and add them to the aggregator.

Technology Used:

• Symbian OS 7.0
• Symbian nat ive DB
• Microsof t Visual Studio 6.0

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